Climbing stairs is good for health and strengthening the body

American fitness experts said that climbing and descending stairs has multiple health benefits, such as improving balance and increasing strength.


The use of sports equipment such as a fixed treadmill in homes and sports clubs, as well as climbing and descending stairs, increases muscle strength and physical fitness, improves body balance and blood cholesterol levels, and prolongs life, according to these experts.


They said that those who climbed more than 55 steps a week lived longer.


The advice they give to those who want to increase their strength and improve their balance is: climb two flights of stairs at a time, and press the back of the legs when going up or down in order to increase the strength of the hamstrings.


A study showed that going down stairs or descending from slopes improves the level of sugar in the blood as well as cholesterol levels, and that climbing stairs may increase pressure on the knees and joints and cause pain in the knees and ankles, and therefore it must be moderate in that, and that it is better for peace to have a handrail to protect one from Slipping or falling.