Chocolate tiramisu


For the base:

1 packet of catfish biscuits

2 glasses of cold milk

3 teaspoons of granulated coffee

For the cream;

200 gr spring labneh

80 g icing sugar

100 g dark chocolate


For the cream;

Dark chocolate is melted and cooled.

Pınar labneh and powdered sugar are whisked until it reaches a solid consistency.

The melted dark chocolate Pınar Labneli is added to the mixture and mixed.

It is placed in a squeezing bag and rested in the refrigerator for 1 hour.


In a large bowl, add the granulated coffee and powdered sugar to the warm milk and mix and dissolve thoroughly.

Arrange the catfish in a row of coffee by dipping them in the coffee.

Then apply half the cream.

Prepare and arrange the second row of valerian in the same way.

Spread the remaining cream on it.

Garnish with small chopped chocolate chips.

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