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Chicken stock cubes and their harmful effects.

Chicken stock cubes and their harmful effects..!!
Chicken tenderloin cubes contain monosodium glutamate
This substance is known as MSG, and some in America call it the slow poisoning of America!!

There are several studies that have stated that regularly using stock cubes has a devastating effect on children’s brain cells, in addition to its effect on the liver and kidneys of children and adults due to the preservatives in them, Maggi, as well as the flavors of chips. They contain a substance.

((monosodium glutamate))
It directly affects vision and causes headaches and migraines.
It may also lead to Alzheimer’s or other problems. We do not need it.

We also do not know for sure whether it is made from chicken meat
Or from the remaining waste from factory-made chicken meat factories…

Therefore, it is recommended to use home-prepared chicken stock to prepare meals
It is healthier, cleaner and safer than Maggi cubes.

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