Change your skin care routine from summer to fall

With the onset of fall, it’s best to change your skin care routine. With cooler weather approaching, your skin will require different care to stay healthy and hydrated. There are lots of great ways to enjoy the fall weather without hurting your skin. For the best fall tips, check out these must-have changes to your fall skincare routine.




Steps to transition into a fall skincare routine Steps to transition into a fall skincare routine




Keep using sunscreen

Since your skin is still exposed to UV rays year-round, don’t make the mistake of skipping sunscreen. It is a good idea to apply sun protection factor (SPF) after moisturizing and before applying makeup.



Shower for a shorter time

Although  the idea of ​​a long, hot shower may seem great right now, it may do more harm than good during the fall months. Extended heat in the shower can severely dry out your skin. It is recommended to bathe for no more than five to ten minutes, and only with lukewarm water.





Increase your moisturizing routine

Depending on your geographical location and the degree of cold. This makes it essential to boost your hydration regimen during the fall. Try using a heavier, thicker moisturizer for your routine. You can add a serum to your routine for a deeper, more penetrating hydration technique.



Give your lips a little TLC


Little lip care is required



As the weather gets colder, your lips are sure to dry out. Exfoliation is a great tool to rid your lips of dry, dead skin cells. This will ensure that you do not end up with chapped lips. The next step is to generously apply lip balm or Vaseline to your lips.



Get rid of the toner

Since you’ll need to watch out for anything that will further dry out your skin, fall is the perfect time to cut back on toner. Use moisturizing oils and essential oils instead to keep your skin hydrated and healthy during the upcoming cold weather.

Not only are face masks great for your skin, they’re also relaxing. Facial masks in general are great tools to add to your skincare arsenal, as the contents of the mask can be easily absorbed by the skin. Pick up face masks from the store, and apply them to your skin.



Hair care

After all the hot weather, and perhaps some hair coloring or blow-drying, our hair could use some much-needed TLC. Moreover, dry weather will increase hair damage. Try some extra moisturizing products for your hair as the weather changes. Consider using satin pillowcases to further protect your hair from potential damage that can occur while sleeping with cotton pillowcases.

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