Changing the hair color is one of the most distinctive and beautiful touches in a woman’s appearance, as the change makes her feel permanently better. However, chemical dyeing often loses the hair’s beauty and luster. That is why we brought to you natural ingredients to change the hair color and get an attractive look without chemicals or dye.

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Ingredients: Half a cup of cocoa + two tablespoons of instant coffee + two tablespoons of turmeric + 4 tablespoons of ground chamomile + one tablespoon of morrocan soap + one whole egg + 4 tablespoons of henna
Method of preparation: Soak the chamomile in a quantity of boiling water, then mix all the ingredients, what is chamomile Soaked in water after an hour of soaking and leave the ingredients to hold together and ferment, then apply it to your hair and leave the mixture on it for a period ranging between two hours to 4 hours, depending on the color of your hair, then rinse and you will see a distinctive golden color without dye or chemicals.