Canada is testing a new serum to treat Ebola

A group of doctors began testing an experimental serum developed by the Canadian government and licensed by NewLinkGenetics, to test it on volunteers in Europe, Gabon, and Kenya.


A $5 million grant from the medical charity allows several global partners under the supervision of the World Health Organization to collect substantial safety data for the so-called RVSV-EBOV vaccine.


Preliminary trials are already being conducted on the vaccine in the United States, and it is one of two vaccines that people are being injected with in hospital trials.


The other serum, from Glaxus Methcline, is also being tested in Europe and Africa.


The Wellcome Trust company, which is financing the project, said on Wednesday that a total of 335 volunteers will be vaccinated with the serum in the new experiments. The beginning will be twenty volunteers in Germany, followed by 100 each in Gabon and Kenya, then 115 in Switzerland.


Canada provided 800 vials of the serum developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada for use in experiments.

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