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Can cannabis cure the coronavirus?

In a study conducted at the University of Chicago, it was revealed that the cannabidiol (CBD) substance obtained from the cannabis (Cannabis sativa) plant stops cells infected with the Covid-19 virus. “Our findings do not yet confirm that this method will work in patients, but it provides a strong basis for conducting clinical trials,” said Marsha Rosner, who led the study.



Marsha Rosner and her team found that CBD prevented infected cells in test tubes from transmitting the virus to other healthy cells. CBD takes effect immediately after the virus enters the cell and prevents the cell from replicating itself. Cases where severe epilepsy is treated with CBD also seem to have a lower risk of contracting Covid-19 disease. When the status of 1,212 patients at the National COVID Cohort Collaborative was evaluated, it showed that the rate of Covid-19 infection among people with a drug record of taking pharmaceutical-grade CBD was 6.2 percent, compared to 8.9 percent among people who did not take CBD.



Likewise, marked differences were observed in people who took CBD on the day of their Covid-19 test. In a subgroup of 531 patients who received 100 mg of CBD, the rate of positive results was 4.9 percent. In the group that did not receive CBD, this rate was 9 percent.



The researchers add that products containing high levels of CBD may exert this effect, and that commercially available CBD products are not expected to inhibit the spread of viruses. Determining whether a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (CBD) substance, such as THC, which is generally considered safe, well tolerated by the body and found in cannabis, has anti-viral effects against Covid-19 is a very important development for the course of the pandemic. it could be.

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