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Can breakfast make kids smarter? - Care Beauty

Can breakfast make kids smarter?

Did you know that what your child eats for breakfast affects his intellectual abilities and his ability to focus during the day at school? Learn about the types of healthy breakfast that develop your child’s intelligence. Eating breakfast is the best way for the child to store energy and start the day full of vitality and activity, otherwise he will use the energy originally stored in his body until the next meal. In these cases, the hormones necessary to operate this energy store cause negative symptoms in the child, such as fatigue, inability to comprehend and learn, misbehavior, and quick anger. Breakfast helps to move and activate memory and avoid fatigue, as it facilitates dealing with stress. And to the extent that the breakfast is balanced, the brain function is more balanced. Studies have shown that children who eat a balanced breakfast that contains complex carbohydrates and proteins in an equal amount of calories, show a better ability to learn and perform compared to those who eat a breakfast rich in proteins or a breakfast rich in carbohydrates. Note that the latter type of breakfast may cause laziness and lack of concentration in the child instead of doing the opposite.








Healthy breakfast suggestions:

– Whole grain cereals, milk and fresh fruit.

A sandwich with fruit and a glass of milk.

Yogurt with apple slices.

– Eggs, toast and fresh lemon juice.

A sandwich of cheese with a piece of fruit.

If you are in a hurry, make him a cup of milkshake with fruit. And do not forget that some foods positively affect your child’s mental abilities, increasing his ability to learn and focus.



Carrots: strengthens memory because it activates brain function. And when your child tries to memorize his lesson, prepare him a plate of carrot salad with oil.

– Pineapple: contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which is necessary for keeping a long text. It also contains another essential mineral, manganese.

Avocado: Good for short-term memory and contains a high percentage of fatty acids. It is enough to take half a pill.

Anise and sage: These herbs help improve memory and facilitate blood and oxygen delivery to the brain.


Learning ability

Cabbage slows down the activity of the thyroid gland and relieves stress, which increases his ability to learn because he becomes less stressed.

Onions are useful when a child is going through a phase of physical and intellectual exhaustion. It also reduces blood density, so oxygen reaches the brain more easily and effectively.

Pistachios, walnuts, and nuts of all kinds strengthen the nerves and increase the ability to pay attention and focus.


Creativity ability

Ginger: Ginger contains substances that increase the brain’s ability to generate new ideas. It also helps reduce the density of blood so that it flows more easily, making it easier for oxygen to reach the brain.

Cumin: The oils that evaporate from it stimulate the nervous system and increase its ability to think creatively. Prepare your baby by putting two teaspoons of cumin in a cup.