Camel milk to treat sensitive skin problems

Through research and experiments, it has been proven that camel milk contains a percentage of iron This percentage is ten times higher than that found in cow and sheep milk


It also contains vitamins A, B12, and C, and contains sodium, magnesium, and potassium.


In addition, the resulting foam can be used to treat skin problems


It received a lot of approval from those who tried it, especially those with sensitive skin.




You can benefit from camel milk as follows:



Moisturizing the skin: Dryness is one of the causes of excessive skin sensitivity, so do not skimp on the moisturizing that suits it


You will not believe that camel milk is the best, just always keep it in the refrigerator


Wash your face with it daily, and you will get moisturized skin without any side effects


Make it your daily lotion, and enjoy moisturized and fresh skin.

Treating acne and cleansing the skin: Use this milk. Because it is ideal for cleansing the skin of microbes


It helps get rid of inflamed acne


All you have to do is add 4 tablespoons of it to a spoonful of natural honey and a small spoonful of rose water


Mix the ingredients well, and add some drops of natural oils and citric acid to the mixture


Then apply the mixture to your skin for 15 minutes, and you will notice the difference after two weeks of use.

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