British healthy diet to lose 6 kilos per month


Giving  yourself 30 days to  lose weight  can be a  great  goal  because it  gives you time  to see results. Since it’s  best to lose about . 5 to 1 kg (1.1 to 2.2 lb)  per week,  losing  a total of 6 kg (13 lb)  in one month is a  difficult  goal to achieve. You  may be  able to  lose weight this  quickly  if you  eat a  healthy  weight loss diet,  exercise  most days, and  change your lifestyle. However,  keep in  mind that  losing weight so  quickly is  difficult and  usually  not sustainable, so you’ll  likely  struggle to  keep  the weight off. Additionally,  talk  to your  doctor to  make sure it’s  safe to  attempt this  much  weight loss. 

Madam, do you feel frustrated as a result of trying all kinds of diets that contribute to weight loss,  but to no avail?

What do  you think  if you  try this  diet,  it is a British  diet that  relies on controlling the  number of  calories and makes a  loss of 6  kilos

Monthly is real.

The  most  important  and first step  in the diet is to cleanse the refrigerator and empty it of fatty foods and  shop healthily

The following is  the program  dedicated to the  diet:

For the first two weeks,  eat 1200  calories per day.

For the second two weeks,  eat 1, 400  calories per day.

In addition to keeping a  close eye on doing aerobic exercises.

And after a month, the person will find that he has lost 6  kilos of weight.

Methodology of eating

Meals are  3 mains and 2 snacks.

You should eat  5  pieces of fruits or vegetables daily.

Drink 450 ml of milk daily.

Oil is strictly prohibited.

Try to eat more fish.

Breakfast is before ten in the morning.

Exercise daily.