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Breast reduction with ginger

Ginger cream for breast reduction

Breast reduction can be done by surgical or medical methods, but this method may have many side effects, but the natural methods for breast reduction have many benefits, and they have no side effects to mention, and one of these methods is ginger cream, which is used in breast fat to reduce it and burn the accumulated fat on it. Ginger cream can be prepared as follows:

    • Put three tablespoons of ginger powder in a bowl.
    • Add a quarter cup of water to the ginger powder, and stir the mixture well.
    • Put the pot on the fire, and leave it to boil, stirring constantly during that.
    • Leave the mixture on the stove until most of the water has evaporated, leaving the ginger, in a creamy form.
  • The mixture is lowered from the fire, left until it cools completely, then the breast and lower chest are painted with ginger cream.
  • The cream is left on the chest for half an hour, and the skin will absorb ginger, which helps burn fat, and get rid of excess fat in the chest area.
  • The breast is washed with water and dried, and the recipe can be repeated several times a week to reduce breasts in a safe and natural way.

Natural recipes for breast reduction

If ginger cream is a natural way to reduce breasts, there are a number of natural recipes that can be used to reduce breasts, and we learn about some of these recipes as follows:

Yogurt and semi-mix

Yogurt is one of the natural recipes that help reduce breast size, reduce breast size, and mix yogurt with alum gives a successful mixture in dissolving fat, and getting rid of the size of the breast that is not suitable for women. Two tablespoons of yogurt are mixed with a tablespoon of ginger powder, and a tablespoon of the alum, and a little rose water, then the ingredients are mixed well and homogeneously. Tangible results.

Glycerin and lemon juice

You can also prepare a recipe of glycerin and lemon juice for a natural way to reduce the breast. An empty bottle is brought, and a spoon of alum, a spoon of glycerin, a spoon of lemon juice, in addition to a little of any skin cream, and a little water, then the bottle is shaken in a way It is good, and then the bottle is placed closed in a container containing water, then placed on the fire for some time until the bottle heats up, then the bottle is shaken well, and then the breast is painted and the mixture is distributed on it, and left on the chest for an hour, and the recipe is repeated twice a week or Three times it helps to reduce the size of the breast.

Breast reduction drinks

There are also natural recipes to reduce the size of the breasts in women, there are also natural drinks that help dissolve fat and make the breasts in a more proportional shape with the woman’s body, and we learn about these

drinks as follows:


Ginger is one of the natural herbs that helps dissolve fat in the whole body, not just in the chest area. Ginger can be drunk by boiling a spoonful of ginger powder in a cup of water, and placed on the fire for several minutes, and then eaten on an empty stomach before breakfast and repeat the matter On a daily basis, this drink can be taken twice a day until the woman feels the difference in the small size of the breast.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the natural drinks beneficial to the body, which helps reduce the size of the chest and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. Green tea is the popular drink in Japan, and perhaps this is the secret that the Japanese people enjoy with a slim body and a little weight. Green tea can be drunk after eating Food in two hours, to help burn fat, facilitate the disposal of waste and prevent the body from absorbing fat.

A green tea drink is prepared by placing a spoon of it on a cup of hot water, leaving the cup until the water cools, and then drinking it several times a day, which helps in reducing the breasts and reducing the size of the breasts in women.

Turmeric boiled

Turmeric is also a drink that helps burn fat and reduce breasts, and turmeric is a natural spice that has many benefits for the body, especially the liver, and the digestive system. A turmeric drink can be prepared by boiling a cup of turmeric on the fire, adding half a lemon to the cup, and drinking it. Several times a day

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