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Breakfast makes you happy all day long

The German magazine “Freuden” reported that there are some foods that improve the mood in the morning and make one feel happy throughout the day.The German magazine stated that food is associated with feelings, mood and good experiences, and that there are even certain substances that have a direct effect on the psychological state.


Serotonin is the key to the secret in the effect of some foods on the human mood, and it is a chemical mediator that affects the mood through an active effect on the brain and intestines, and this is what causes the serotonin level to decrease in the body with a state of depression and when feeling hungry.


When a person eats carbohydrates through bread or bananas and muesli, they rise again in the blood. As a result, tryptophan reaches the brain to re-secrete serotonin, and a higher level of serotonin means a better mood. Here, mental health experts warn of the importance of breakfast and not giving up on this important meal. As the lack of certain nutrients can particularly affect the mood.


It is wrong to think that vitamins and minerals will only be important for a strong immune system; Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid are involved in the formation of many neurotransmitters, which lead to the release of happiness hormones.


The German magazine recommends eating protein, which enhances the secretion of dopamine, which is a chemical mediator that prevents mood swings and increases concentration, and protein is available in cheese, yogurt and fish, and for a feeling of happiness the body also needs omega-3, which is available in salmon, mackerel and avocado.


A simple breakfast of wholegrain bread with yoghurt and muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt can improve your mood.



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