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Bra Sizes: What are Bra Letters, How to Measure Bra Sizes?

Choosing the right bra starts with knowing your body very well. When you do not choose the right bra that fits your body, this wrong choice will be reflected in the stance of your outfit. This can make you feel uncomfortable and insecure all day long. Research shows that 75% of women choose the wrong size when choosing a bra. So, how do we know if the bra we choose is suitable for our body? What do the bra numbers and letters mean? What does abc mean on a bra? How many bra sizes? What are the mistakes made when choosing a bra size? We answered all your questions in detail. If you want to know your correct bra size without getting confused, check out our article!

Let’s take a look at the bra size calculation steps together

bra sizes

Bra sizes generally consist of two different sizes. The first of these measures is the body size and the second is the cup size. Body size refers to the length of your back, and cup size refers to the size of your chest. In this case, it is necessary to take measurements without a bra in order to get a clear result in bra measurements. Alternatively, wear a bra that fits you well. Then stand in front of the mirror with the help of a tape measure. Then you can easily find out your bra size by following the steps below. Let’s start with the first step.

Find your size as the first step

bra sizes

Bra size emerges when your chest fits snugly to your preferred bra pattern and comfortably surrounds your body. As we mentioned above, two measures are taken as a basis. One of them is the cup size and the other is the body size. By learning your correct bra size, you can provide yourself with both the opportunity to move comfortably and a beautiful appearance. So how to get the right bra size? Knowing your size is the first step in determining your correct bra size. First of all, make sure that there is no swelling in your body. Then put on a bra without support and line the tape measure just above your back and completely surround your lower bust. The resulting cm will determine your bra size. If your back size is 5 and multiples of 5, you can directly base on that size. But if you have fractional measurements,

Second step is to find the cup size

bra letters

It’s time to learn the second step in order to make the right choice about bra sizes. Knowing your body size is not enough to get the right bra size. You also need to know your cup size. So what is this cup size? What exactly does knowing the cup size do when choosing a bra size? The difference between the under bust size and the bust size gives you the bust cup size. Measure your bust size carefully, using the tape measure around your body from your back to your nipple. With your arms out to the sides at shoulder level, complete the measurement by circling the tape measure from the back to the front, but this time symmetrically on both sides, instead of the highest and widest part of the chest. Knowing your cup size will help you find the right size when choosing your bra size. cup size,It is one of the most important points to consider when choosing a bra size.

What does A, B, C, D cup mean?

bra sizes

So what do the bra letters mean? What does b mean in a bra? What does c mean on the bra you are using? What does d mean in bra of choice? What does 85b mean? What does 75b in a bra mean? What is a C cup? What is b cup, what is a cup, what is d cup in bra? Here are the most frequently asked questions about bra sizes. If you wish, let’s take a look at their answers together;

  • If the body size is 1 size larger than the chest size, it should be preferred: A CUP.
  • (For example, “85 A” bra should be preferred when the bust is 80 and the body size is 80.)
  • If the size of the body and the chest are equally large, it should be preferred: B CUP.
    (For example; “90 B” bra should be preferred when the bust is 90 and the body size is 85.)
  • If the size is 1 size smaller than the chest size, it should be preferred: C CUP.
    (For example; “85 C” bra should be preferred when the bust is 90 and the body size is 85.)
  • In cases where the body size is 2 sizes smaller than the chest size, the D CUP should be preferred.
    (For example; “80 D” bra should be preferred in cases where the bust is 90 and the body size is 80.)
  • In cases where the body size is 3 sizes smaller than the chest size, the DD CUP should be preferred.
    (For example, “80 DD” bra should be preferred when the bust is 95 and the body size is 80.)

Other important details

bra sizes

So, what are the other factors you should pay attention to when choosing a bra? You have decided on the right bra size, but if something is still not working out, you may need to take a look at the items listed below. The following items will guide you in choosing the right bra for your body. Side bands, cups and straps are important points when choosing a bra. By paying attention to the points we have listed, you can easily make the right choice in choosing a bra.

side bands

When choosing bra sizes, the side bands are defined as the main support feature of your bra. If your finger does not fit between the side band of the bra and your body, the bra you choose is too tight. If it does not wrap your body completely and stays loose, this time the bra will slide upwards. Therefore, when you buy a new bra, we recommend that you make sure that the side bands are not too loose or too tight.


The breast cup should appear full and smooth in appearance. Let us remind you that you need a larger cup size if there are overflows starting from under your arms. In other words, you need to have a wider bra model. If there are gaps in the chest area, you will need a small cup size.


When it comes to straps, it is very important to choose adjustable straps in bras. Because you will need this to adjust the elastic strap that loosens over time. Make sure that your bra strap fits comfortably on your shoulders without squeezing your body. Because when you take off your bra at the end of the day, you may not like to see a red strap mark. Additionally, if your straps are slipping off your shoulders, try adjusting them accordingly. If you still can’t fix the problem, maybe it’s time to remind yourself that you need a new bra.

Now that you have information about bra sizes, you are ready to choose the most suitable bra model for you.

It’s time to choose your bra model. The names of many different bra forms vary according to the design features. We will talk about some bra models that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. According to the shape and size of the breast, the preferred women’s bra form should be appropriate. When choosing a bra, it will be easier for you to know the types of bras. Not every bra form is suitable for every breast form. We have listed the most accurate bra models that should be preferred according to the size of the breasts. For small breasts: padded, underwire, push-up, bando, padded bra options. For large breasts: non-wired, thick straps, back support, gathering, full cup bra preferences. Balconette, empty cup, bralette, t-shirt bra for medium-sized breasts. For both large and small breasts: half cup, t-shirt bra, bralette, Sports bra should be preferred. We have listed the types of bras below.

  • Push-up bra:  Push-up bras with padded design show a lifting effect upwards and towards the centre.
  • Full cup bra: These are the bras   that completely cover the chest and support the breasts to stand upright.
  • Balconette bra:  It is a type of bra that pushes the breasts upwards and reveals half of the breasts.
  • Band bras:  We can categorize them as thin, lightweight bras that are unsupported and hug the breasts.
  • Tomorrow cup bra: We  can define it as a bra form that lifts the chest from the lower part and covers half of the chest.
  • Strapless bra:  Provides chest support without the aid of straps or straps.
  • T- shirt bra:  These are comfortable bras made of seamless and very soft fabric.
  • Sports bra: These  are specially designed bras that support body movements and facilitate sports.
  • Silicone-adhesive bra: It  is a bra form that does not have straps and a back, and is attached directly to the breasts.
  • Bralet bras:  They are defined as unfilled, unsupported, light and lace bra models.
  • Gathering bra:  It is defined as a bra model that completely covers the breasts and has a thickening effect with thick straps.
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