Do you complain of blackheads? The black mask This mask has a magical effect in getting rid of blackheads  because it tightens the impurities from the pores  and treats blackheads completely. It acts as a magnet to attract dirt from the pores and is applied topically, in order to absorb toxins and kill the bacteria that cause acne.


This mask relies on three basic ingredients, which are activated charcoal capsules, bentonite clay and water, and these ingredients have amazing benefits

Activated charcoal: It is very similar to ordinary charcoal, but activated charcoal has many medical uses. It is used to treat many problems such as poisoning, intestinal gas, nausea, problems with increased bile during pregnancy, and it also has many benefits when applied to the skin. It is It attracts dirt to it from the pores, removes dry spots and obtains a radiant complexion.

Bentonite clay also acts as a magnet to attract dirt from the pores. It pulls toxins from the body. When it is applied to the skin, it absorbs toxins and fights blackheads, thus killing acne-causing bacteria.

Ingredients of the black mask that are useful in treating dark circles

  • 2 capsules of activated charcoal.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of bentonite clay.
  • 1,1/2 teaspoon water.

Steps to make a black mask to remove blackheads:


Prepare a small bowl to add the ingredients together and make a soft dough.

  • The skin must be cleaned of any traces of makeup and make sure that the face is completely clean before starting to apply the mask in order to get rid of the slight fatty deposits on the surface of the skin and leave the skin to dry.

In the second step, you can test the black mask on a spot of the cheek or hands and make sure that there is no negative reaction to it on the skin.

  • The black mask is evenly applied to the skin, avoiding the area under the eyes and lips, and leaving it to dry on its own, about 10-15 minutes.

When you feel that the mask is tightening the skin, this feeling of itching may be accompanied. The black mask is washed off and the face is dried with a clean towel. It is preferable to leave the skin to breathe or apply a light natural moisturizer such as the use of jojoba oil in areas prone to dryness.

Note: When mixing the mixture, make sure to use a plastic spoon or wooden spoon while stirring, and not to use a spoon or a metal bowl. It is best to apply this mask a day after using the peel-off mask.

Benefits of this peel-off mask:

Reduces pore blockage: When applying the peel-off mask, it tightens the skin and absorbs the substances that clog pores. Especially when using active substances that tighten the skin in a good way.

Skin revitalization: You can enjoy 10-15 minutes of relaxation, as this helps you calm down, especially when you wait for it to dry. Try to apply it once a week to activate the pores and feel relaxed.

Dealing with pimples: The skin is exposed to many pollutants such as sunlight, cold, rain, dust, smoke. A layer of dead skin forms on the skin that forms blackheads. It leads to clogged pores. The peeling mask helps you provide an immediate solution to get rid of blackheads.

Protection from bacteria: The peel-off mask protects the skin from the entry of bacteria into the open pores and prevents the presence of irritants that harm the skin.

A wonderful balm for the skin: The peel-off mask calms and relaxes the skin and is very suitable for sensitive skin care. Where it gets rid of dead cells and black heads and tightens the pores of the skin. People with normal skin can use it several times a week for a soothing effect