Beware of the dangers of eating burnt food to your health

Toast or charred meat may be something you love to eat, but you should avoid eating burnt food to stay healthy, so in this report we learn about the risks of eating burnt food to your health, according to the “Health” website.

Should you avoid eating burnt food?


Once we start cooking, we see the food undergo changes. Not only does it become softer, but it also undergoes a number of chemical changes during cooking, all of which help make it suitable for eating.


It turns out that heat speeds up chemical reactions, which have both positive and negative effects on a meal. In addition to making food more difficult to digest and metabolize, overcooking can also cause food to burn. It releases compounds like acrylamide that aren’t healthy for us.




During high-temperature cooking methods, acrylamide can form in certain foods such as potatoes, cereals, coffee, and bread.




According to the Food and Drug Administration, this substance has been shown to cause cancer in animals exposed to very high doses of acrylamide but there is no consistent evidence of the effect of acrylamide from food consumption on cancer in humans.




However, acrylamide is considered a human health concern by the US National Toxicology Program and the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. Burned Food and Acrylamide


Although there are benefits to steaming, the formation of acrylamide can be stimulated by several conventional cooking methods. They include cooking methods such as baking, grilling, frying, or roasting. However, since they use less oil, these cooking methods are touted as healthy.


Although there is not enough evidence that acrylamide can cause cancer, the expert recommends eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber foods and avoiding high-sugar, salty, fatty, and processed foods to stay healthy. You can also try cancer-preventive foods.


There are some people who like to eat burnt food because it enhances the flavour.




Cooking at home can be easy and healthy, but always keep an eye on the time. Nutritional losses increase with cooking time because some vitamins are more sensitive to heat. Here’s what to do when using high-heat cooking methods


• While using high heat cooking techniques, it is important to cook food only until golden brown and not dark brown or burnt.




• To speed up the time it takes to cook some meats and vegetables, pre-boil them before using them

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