Best natural tonic for hair growth

Massaging your scalp with hair tonics often referred to as a tonic can stimulate blood circulation in the hair follicles for healthy hair growth, as well as moisturize a dry scalp and reduce hair breakage. In the following,” offers you the best natural tonic for hair growth and thickening well.


Best natural tonic for hair growth


Mint hair tonic


Mint tonic helps to grow hair and fight dandruff


Mint nourishes the roots of the hair and stimulates its growth. It reduces the appearance of dandruff on the scalp, and increases the shine of hair effectively.


the ingredients:


3 tablespoons of crushed mint leaves.


Two tablespoons of rose water.


How to prepare and use:


Mix mint powder with rose water until you have a cohesive mixture. Distribute it all over the hair from roots to ends. Leave the mixture on the hair for 30 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water and shampoo. Repeat this recipe twice a week to get a clean and healthy scalp. Follow more: The best Indian oils to intensify and lengthen hair


Sidr Tonic for hair growth


Sidr Tonic accelerates hair growth and enhances its luster


Sidr helps in promoting hair thickness and growth, giving hair strong roots. Thus, reducing hair loss and shedding. It also contributes to restoring the natural luster and luster of hair.


the ingredients:


A tablespoon of Sidr leaves.


A tablespoon of mahlab powder.


How to prepare and use:


Bring a cup of boiling water and add sidr leaves and mahlab powder to it. Leave to cool, then strain and place in a clean spray bottle. Use the mixture on the scalp only with a massage for 5 minutes, and leave it for 3 or 4 hours before rinsing the hair with lukewarm water and shampoo. Repeat this method once a week to grow hair spaces and thicken it well. Follow more: Mixtures of the herb myrtle for hair growth


Lavender Tonic for Hair Growth


Lavender tonic contributes to hair growth and makes it stronger


Lavender nourishes the scalp and hairs from the roots to the ends, which leads to the intensification of the hair, making it more strong. It also gives the hair a more vibrant and lustrous look, and contributes to the extension of the hair within a short period of time, provided care is taken to continue using it.


the ingredients:


Two tablespoons of lavender flowers.


a cup of boiling water.


How to prepare and use:


Soak the lavender in boiling water for three hours, covering the cup well. Then filter it and put it in a clean spray bottle. Spray it on the scalp only on a daily basis. You can not wash the hair after using it. Avoid keeping the tonic for more than three days after using it.

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