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Best drink to lose belly fat - Care Beauty

Best drink to lose belly fat


The accumulation of fat around the abdominal area is one of the health and aesthetic problems that affect the external appearance of the body, as well as in physical and psychological health, and in people’s self-confidence, which calls for the need to find appropriate solutions to this problem, for this we suggest you this effective recipe that rid you of belly and fat excess in the body.

Ingredients: a quantity of sage herb + an amount of cumin + an amount of chamomile + cinnamon sticks + a spoon of natural honey

Method of preparation: Madam, put the ingredients in a pot with a quantity of water over low heat to the point of boiling, then strain the solution and eat a cup of it every morning on an empty stomach and also a cup before bed. One week will not pass until you find that your stomach has become flat and also got rid of body fat.