Best body moisturizer for rough and very dry skin


Today we introduce you to the advantages and methods of using La Roche-Posay’s new libecar urea 5+ milk, which will transform your dry, rough and sensitive skin into soft, baby-like skin.

Advantages of libecar milk urea 5+

This product is suitable for sensitive, coarse, very dry skin, prone to peeling, dryness of aging, keratoconjunctivitis, psoriasis. It also suits different ages.

Libecar milk is considered urea Milk 5 + anti-peeling and anti-irritation cream, smoothes and soothes very dry and rough skin.

This milk has a highly effective formula with 5% urea and allantoin (exfoliating agent), which help soothe dry and sensitive skin from the first use.

How to use lipicar milk urea 5 + 

Apply the appropriate amount of like milk urea 5+ once or twice a day on the body skin (not applied on the facial skin). It is worth mentioning that this milk has a super-melting and non-greasy texture on the body.

Try the new urea milk libecar 5+ and have a smooth and healthy body skin!