Benefits of Ylang Ylang Oil


The oil will be extracted from the ylang-ylang tree and it is extracted by distillation. Scientific name: Cananga Odorata. This type of flower is found in rain forests in Asians and South Pacific islands such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Java, Sumatra, Comoros and Polynesia. The main components of this type of oil are benzyl acetate compounds. Benzyl benzoate linalool, caryophyllene, geranyl acetate, methyl benzoate, p-cresyl methyl sesquiterpenes. This oil is widely used in the world of medicinal essential oils. It is used for a number of medicinal purposes.

Health benefits of Ylang Ylang oil:

The oil has a number of impressive health benefits such as anti-depressant, antiseptic, blood pressure lowering, aphrodisiac, and sedative:

1- Antidepressant: This is one of the oldest known medicinal properties in Ylang-Ylang, which is known to help fight depression, relax the body, relieve anxiety, sadness, and chronic tension.It also has an effect on mood and feelings of joy.It is suitable for treating nervous breakdowns and depression. Acute due to acute psychological and emotional trauma.

2- Antiseborrhoeic seborrheic eczema treatment: It is a dangerous disease that occurs due to a defect in the sebaceous glands and because of this disorder, skin problems occur that appear unattractive and very painful, and the skin is yellow and pale and begins to peel. This occurs in the scalp as well, the eyebrow area and in the places of the hair follicles. Ylang Ylang has these symptoms by placing it on the sites of inflammation. It works to reduce skin irritation and redness by regulating the production of sebum and treating the causing infection.

3- Antiseptic: Ylang oil is an antiseptic for wounds, scrapes and burns, it treats various bacterial infections, eliminates wound complications, is useful for sepsis and feces, works to inhibit microbes and disinfect wounds, as it protects against bacterial infection, viruses, and fungi, and helps to speed up wound healing.

4- Aphrodisiac: The essential oil improves sexual life and treats symptoms such as loss of desire and loss of lust are very common symptoms with work fatigue and daily and life stresses, frigidity and loss of sexual desire can be relied upon naturally to treat this condition.

5- Blood pressure: the oil is one of the essential oils with great effectiveness in lowering high blood, as blood pressure is one of the dangerous symptoms that have spread recently in adults and children until the age of the age epidemic has dangerous side effects threatening public health thanks to the compounds present inside the oil can reduce High blood should be taken in specific quantities determined by the herbalist.

6- Analgesic: One of the natural properties of the oil compounds is that it contains soothing properties for anxiety and tension, calms nerve pain, eliminates tantrums and tension and leads to a feeling of comfort, and the oil has great benefits and importance in repairing defects and damage to the nervous system and reduces pressure on nerves and protects against the development of disorders Serious nervousness ..

Another important benefit of the oil is that it treats infections of the internal organs such as the stomach, intestines, colon, and urinary tract. It is suitable for those who suffer from insomnia, fatigue, frigidity, and tension, reducing skin hydration and inflammation, and keeping the skin moist, but in cases of symptoms such as nausea and headache, an herbal expert must be consulted immediately, as well as the excess quantities. Of the oil as a toxin, only the recommended doses are taken as needed, but a specific dose and method of administration are presented. You can also mix the oil with other essential oils for more effectiveness, such as sandalwood oil, grapefruit, lavender and sandalwood.

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