Benefits of yeast for fattening the face

The beauty of a woman’s face is the main ingredient that makes her confident in herself. The more beautiful her face is, the greater her self-confidence, and the more impressive the admiration of others. Many women seek to make their faces fuller; A beautiful and full face is always like the moon, and there are many methods that can be followed to fatten the face, including what falls under cosmetic methods such as Botox, collagen, silicone, and fat transplantation, and these methods are quick and more effective, and there are natural methods; Such as eating certain types of foods, or using masks prepared from natural materials, but these methods need to be continued permanently in order to give the desired result, and one of the most natural materials that help in fattening the face is beer yeast.


We often hear about beer yeast, and its great role in fattening the body or certain areas of it, but what is beer yeast?





Definition of beer yeast


Beer yeast can be defined as grains that are extracted from the process of fermenting starches such as rice, corn and barley, and it is extracted from natural materials that contain sugar in very large quantities, such as apple peel, or grapes. The byproducts and residues of beer fermentation, while the modern way to manufacture them is from the yeast plant, which is one of the fungal plants.


Benefits of beer yeast


Brewer’s yeast contains a large number of important and beneficial nutritional values ​​for the body in general, and for the skin in particular, and the most prominent substances found in it are: the B vitamins, which are vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, and a group of acids, including: glycerine, proline, hydrosbolurin, and cytine-arginine, and the most prominent minerals contained in brewer’s yeast are: calcium, copper, manganese, and sodium.


Uses of beer yeast


Beer yeast can be used to make many useful face masks, which work on fattening it and making it more full. Here are some of these masks:

first catcher

a teaspoon of pure bee honey, a teaspoon of brewer’s yeast, a spoonful of yoghurt, a teaspoon of lemon juice; Where the previous ingredients are mixed with each other, and then this mixture is placed on the face for 45 minutes, after which the face is washed with warm water, and then a moisturizing cream is placed on the face, and the result of this mask is noticed after using it for a whole week.


second catcher

a small spoonful of brewer’s yeast, a little plain water or rose water, and a vitamin A capsule; Where yeast is mixed with water, and then a vitamin A capsule is added to them, to put this mixture on the face and leave it for 10 minutes, but here you must stay away as much as possible from the eyes and nose.

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