Benefits of using a dry body brush on your skin and body

Benefits of using a dry body brush on your skin and body

The use of a dry body brush has many benefits for skin health, and for the health of the entire body, and these benefits have been proven by many medical research, and skin and skin experts encourage people to try it, especially for its famous benefits in ridding the body of toxins.


The benefits of using a dry body brush: It exfoliates the skin and improves its texture, and gets rid of dead cells. It increases blood circulation. It improves the lymphatic system in the body, as well as rids the body of water and excess toxins in the skin. It helps reduce cellulite. What do you need to use a body brush? dry

A brush with natural bristles. Moisturizing the skin. The bristles of the brush should be firm and strong, unless you have sensitive skin, in this case choose a softer type. How do you use a dry body brush on your body?


First Step: Instructions


The skin must be completely dry during this process, and the body is brushed in the direction of the heart, which activates the blood circulation in the body.


Use a brush with firm, firm bristles to stimulate the lymphatic system, and in case of dry skin use a softer brush with slower movements. Start at your feet, work your way up, then your legs from the front and back, and brush several times in the same direction from the bottom up. Comb your arms starting from the hands, The direction of the shoulders, chest and heart. When you comb the breast, move in the direction away from the nipples.


The second step: after combing


After combing, take a warm bath, then moisturize your skin using a light oil such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, or argan oil for their benefits and softening of the skin.




Make gentle movements on places with soft and sensitive skin on the body, such as the breasts. Do not comb the places that suffer from skin irritation. Do not comb your face or genitals. A slight redness of the skin may occur after combing, and this is completely normal, but stop if irritation occurs skin.

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