Benefits of starch for oily skin


The word starch is known as a word derived from the Persian language and is a mixture of sugars and complex carbohydrates such as glucose and amyltose on which plants rely heavily to store the excess of glucose sugar, starch is known as the basic component of potatoes, rice and pasta and in this article we will learn about the benefits of starch for oily skin.

Oily skin

Oily skin, a type of many skin types that are characterized by their wide names and abundance of oils and the presence of numerous fatty glands under their layers, as the hormones in the body are those that affect the formation of oily skin and oil inside, so that any change in the level of hormones in the body can affect it, so oily skin is Secretions of oils.

The benefits of starch for oily skin

There are many benefits that starch offers for oily skin, including:

Starch gives beauty and freshness to oily skin: because it contains many natural compounds that whiten the skin.

Starch eliminates excess fat: starch has the ability to absorb as much of the oils found in oily skin.

Starch gets rid of pimples and blackheads for oily skin: starch deeply cleanses the skin and removes the accumulations and dirt found in oily skin.

Starch treats oily pimples: oily skin is more susceptible than others to the appearance of oily pimples that form as a result of the accumulation of oils and fat.

Starch treats oily skin allergies: oily skin is one of the most sensitive skin types and starch is a natural remedy for this allergy.

Starch treats rashes in oily skin: starch has many healing properties that have the ability to treat rashes.

Starch protects oily skin from inflammation: starch has many compounds that contain antioxidants that fight skin infections in oily skin caused by exposure to external factors such as moisture, which is a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria on the outer layer of the skin.

Starch softens oily skin: starch exfoliates dead skin cells and thus helps soften the skin.

Starch narrows wide pores in oily skin: oily skin is known to have more wide pores than other types as starch helps to narrow these pores and thus reduce the oils that appear on the skin.

Starch cleanses oily skin: starch is a natural cleanser for oily skin, and deeply removes dirt from it.

Starch recipes for oily skin

There are many recipes for oily skin containing starch, among which are the following:

Starch mixture, baking soda and rose water to treat all oily skin problems


A teaspoon of baking soda.

And half a tablespoon of rose water.

Half a teaspoon of honey.

A tablespoon of pure starch powder.

The method of preparation and use:

Put in a large bowl starch, baking soda.

Mix the ingredients together.

Add water to the ingredients and well.

Add honey to the mixture and knead the ingredients together.

Wash the face thoroughly with cold water.

We dry the face with a piece of soft cloth.

Put the starch mixture and baking soda on the face and massage for five minutes.

Leave the mixture on face for fifteen minutes.

Rinse the mixture with lukewarm water.

We repeat this process three times a week for amazing results.