Benefits of milk derivatives

Benefits of milk ~ Benefits of milk derivatives



Food scientists advise eating these foods in moderate quantities as much as possible, and choosing low-fat, or even fat-free types.



Main nutrients:

Milk and its derivatives contain a high percentage of calcium, protein, and vitamin B12 or vitamins A and D



Quantity prescribed:

The average daily serving of low-fat dairy products is two hundred milliliters of milk, forty grams of white or yellow cheddar cheese, or a small cup of yoghurt or white cheese.



Milk and milk products:

Milk and its products provide us with sixty-two percent of the calcium in our diet. Recent scientific studies show that the risk of osteoporosis decreases the more milk a person consumes before the age of twenty-five. It is worth noting that osteoporosis affects one in three women, causing fractures, especially in women. hip0

Bone loss occurs in everyone starting at the age of thirty-five, so women need an additional amount of calcium to compensate for what they lose during pregnancy or around menopause.



Yogurt: Yogurt is the best fermented milk product, and it contains all the nutritional properties of milk 0

Yogurt is made from live bacteria of the type Streptococcus and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, which give milk its delicious, acidic taste.

Yogurt helps achieve a balance of healthy bacteria in the intestines. These bacteria are important for the digestion process, and help adjust the balance against harmful bacteria. Since anti-inflammatories destroy beneficial bacteria, doctors prescribe yogurt to patients who take these drugs for a long time.

(Biological) yogurt made from Lactobacillus Acislophilus and Bifido bacteria has become popular because it is lighter in acidity and creamier than regular yogurt.


((Choose low-fat milk to get the benefits of milk without the harmful effects of fat)





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