Benefits of glycerin for skin and hair  

Benefits of glycerin for skin and hair


Glycerin is one of the most important materials that are widely used for skin care, whether it is used directly or through cosmetics for skin care in which glycerin is used in its manufacture, and below we will explain the most important benefits of glycerin for the beauty of your skin and hair

1- Regular use of glycerin gives it moisture, luster and softness from the inside and outside for a long time, provided it is used regularly.


2- Lemon can be mixed with glycerin in equal quantities, then put it on dark spots on the skin.


3- Mix equal amounts of glycerin, olive oil and almond oil and apply it to the cracked areas of your skin every day until they heal completely.


4- Aljisrain is very gentle for the skin, so it can be used as a natural and gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin so that it does not become inflamed when using other scrubs.

5- Glycerin is very useful in cleaning oily skin, as it moisturizes it and reduces the appearance of acne or blackheads.


6- If you want to have smooth and shiny lips that are free from dryness and peeling, then put some of the two bridges on the lips at night so that the lips remain soft and moist throughout the day.


7- The two bridges are useful in treating curly hair because it moisturizes the hair, envelops it and provides protection from various weather factors and helps straighten hair as well.


8- To moisturize dry hair, use glycerin with an essential oil such as lavender and spray it on the hair after washing it, and this will keep the hair shiny and moisturized for a long time.

9- You can also use soap made from Al-Jissrain, which is very gentle and suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

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