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Benefits of cardamom seeds for beauty and fitness

Its name is cardamom, it is of Indian origin and is considered one of the oldest spices in the world. As it has multiple health and aesthetic benefits, it has made it a cornerstone of ancient Indian medicine and is currently making its way to modern medicine.

Learn about the benefits of these seeds and include them in your diet and beauty regime to be bright and in the best health.



Brightening the skin: Nourishes the skin and treats infections such as acne, thanks to the therapeutic oils it has in addition to anti-inflammatory substances.


Clean, shiny and healthy hair: Washing the head with a cardamom soak eliminates dandruff, as well as helps strengthen hair roots, thanks to the antioxidants it has.


Delays aging: It is rich in many vitamins and essential oils that act as antioxidants and thus fight cell aging.


Treats digestion problems: The scientific study revealed that the volatile oils in these seeds control the acid level in the stomach, and thus chewing cardamom helps to get rid of gases and flatulence, as well as relieve stomach cramps.


Rids the body of toxins: Cardamom is rich in minerals and vitamins that help rid the body of toxins. Include it in your dishes.


Fights cancer: According to recent medical studies, it contains chemicals that help fight cancerous cells, most notably breast and ovarian cancer.

Chew 3 tablets daily with 3 mint leaves for 3 months to reduce the incidence of infection.


Aphrodisiac: Studies have proven the ability of cardamom to treat premature ejaculation and impotence.


Breaks addiction: It has the ability to purify the body of caffeine, and helps those who want to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, or even eating sweets.



Note: If you notice that you suffer from tightness in the chest, throat, or breathing, you may be allergic to cardamom. Stop it immediately.

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