Benefits of boiled hibiscus for the skin

women around the world use to combat and treat skin problems that negatively affect their beauty and freshness. In addition, it is one of the most important ingredients used in the manufacture of various cosmetics for skin care . In the following,” informs you about the benefits of hibiscus boiled for the skin and how to use it to obtain fresh and clear skin free of blemishes and impurities.


Benefits of boiled hibiscus for the skin


The hibiscus is one of the effective natural herbs in treating skin problems


The hibiscus contains nutrients and vitamins that help moisturize the skin and maintain its freshness, and its most prominent benefits are:


Helps maintain skin moisture and freshness, as it contains many nutrients and vitamins.


Relieves dry skin and contributes to maintaining the smoothness of the skin, and helps greatly in alleviating the symptoms of dry skin.


It is an effective treatment for improving symptoms of psoriasis.


Works to fight acne and helps reduce acne scars. It is rich in vitamin A.


It is used to treat the skin from pimples, thus enhancing the freshness and clarity of the skin.


It contributes to rebuilding damaged skin, and helps fight wrinkles, including fine lines, thanks to its vitamin A and vitamin E content.


Stimulates collagen production in the skin, as it is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects against damage caused by free radicals and free radicals.


Activates the skin and stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which helps to make the skin tight and pure; It is rich in vitamin B1.


It reduces swelling and puffiness and speeds up the healing process of wounds.


The skin is rid of excess fat, and the skin is cleansed of bacteria and germs


Recipe for boiled hibiscus for skin that radiates freshness


The decoction of hibiscus helps in restoring the freshness of the skin


The hibiscus gives the skin more vitality, freshness and radiance, because it contains properties that help stimulate collagen production in the face. Thus, slowing down the process of the appearance of annoying wrinkles.


the ingredients:


A cup of crushed hibiscus leaves.


Two tablespoons of liquid milk.


Two tablespoons of natural bee honey.


How to prepare and use:


Put the hibiscus leaves in an electric mixer and add honey and liquid milk to it. Mix the ingredients together well until the mixture becomes homogeneous in texture, then apply the resulting mixture to the skin of the face. Massage the skin with gentle circular motions, then leave it to dry, then wash the face with lukewarm water. This recipe should be applied regularly twice a week to get the desired result.


hibiscus in brief


The hibiscus is a herbaceous, biennial herbaceous perennial plant. Its healing properties lie in the mucilage and flavonoids found in its flowers and leaves. They often appear early in the spring, and are in the form of leaves with a base in the form of a heart, as they are fixed on the flower, and one leaf has five to seven edges, and the colors of the flowers range from white to pink to shades of lavender and blue, and sometimes you see colored stripes. Minutes radiate outward from the flower’s odd center, and hibiscus has sticky qualities when crushed. It also has a range of medicinal and nutritional uses





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