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Beauty Secrets: Everything You Should Know About Glycolic Acid - Care Beauty

Beauty Secrets: Everything You Should Know About Glycolic Acid

Beauty Secrets: Everything You Should Know About Glycolic Acid


Incorporate glycolic acid into your skin routine to get rid of dead skin and enlarged pores.. Learn about the full benefits of this acid here.




Almost no product is currently free of glycolic acid, as we can find it in skin moisturizers or lotions, and other care products. And if this information causes you a bit of dread, you should not worry, as it is a natural substance extracted from sugar cane, GP Anita Sternam, a specialist in dermatology and founder of the skincare line “Dakry”, says about glycolic acid: “It is a chemical exfoliant derived from from sugar cane. It is part of alpha hydroxy acid, and it also includes other well-known components, such as lactic acid.

If you are thinking of including glycolic acid in your skincare routine, you must know its effect on the skin, its benefits, and its disadvantages.


Glycolic acid helps you get rid of dead skin cells, and it also rejuvenates skin cells so your skin is brighter and cleaner.

Dr. Anita Sternam explains how the acid works on the skin: “Glycolic acid breaks down and removes a glue-like substance called desmosome, which holds old skin cells together.” She added, “When the acid starts working, you often feel a tingling sensation in the skin. This means that the acid breaks down the desmosome, naturally ridding the skin of accumulated dead skin cells. So, even though you won’t see results right away, the more you use it, the smoother and brighter your skin will be.”


Thanks to its ability to remove dead skin, and narrow the large pores that appear on your skin, glycolic acid can also rid you of acne and blackheads, and its ability to break down the desmosome, which collects dead cells and excess sebum, helps you get new cells from them that make your skin healthier and more radiance. It also helps to moisturize the skin, as it maintains the right moisture balance for your skin, and the result is that you will get skin with a smooth texture, a radiant appearance and an even tone. You can also use glycolic acid in skin cleansers before applying makeup or before bed.


In addition to these benefits that may prompt you to add glycolic acid to your skincare routine, you should know that its excessive use may cause damage to your skin.

So Dr. Anita Sternam warned, “A lot of the skin conditions I see and treat in the clinic are people overusing exfoliators. Many people remove their foundations with powerful cleansers and exfoliators, followed by toners, and acidic serums, in an attempt to create the perfect skin tone, but unfortunately, people using products in this way tend to exacerbate the condition rather than treat it.” Despite its amazing benefits, you must take precautions so as not to get counterproductive, starting with buying the right product for your skin type, and the amount of acid in the product.

Use products that contain glycolic acid in a small amount at first, then gradually increase the percentage until you get the best results.