Beauty Products We Use Wrong.. Get to Know Them

The best and most expensive beauty products can spoil your appearance, if they are not used correctly, because cosmetics have foundations and rules for their use, in order to give you the appropriate appearance. There are some mistakes that you can make and ruin your appearance, due to the wrong use of cosmetic products, including:


Shake the nail polish before using it


Some girls shake the nail polish bottle before using it, and this step gives bad results, and leads to making the nail polish look bad, because it traps the air; This causes bubbles to appear on the nails. It is best to roll the bottle between your hands without any strong movements, or do nothing at all.


Apply powder all over the face


Instead of putting powder on the entire face, it is enough to apply it to certain areas only, and it is recommended to put some powder under the eyes, forehead, nose and chin, while avoiding the cheeks, as applying a lot of powder leads to highlighting skin defects such as bumps and dry places on the face.


Comb hair from top to bottom


Combing the hair from the top to the bottom leads to hair breakage, and the correct way to comb the hair is to divide the hair into sections, and comb it from the bottom to the top, and this helps to detangle the hair easily.




Apply perfume directly


If you want your perfume to last longer, apply it after moisturizing the skin and do not spray perfume on your hair, because it will cause it to dry because it contains alcoholic substances, and rubbing it on the skin is not the best way, as the friction of the skin heats up and releases natural enzymes that change the smell, just apply Perfume on clothes.


Apply lipstick from the edges to the middle


The correct way to apply lipstick is from the inside out. Applying the lipstick from the middle gives you more control and reduces smudges, and you can use a brush or a finger.

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