Basic tips to maintain healthy eyes from daily stress

Learn the most important tips to protect the eyes from factors that may expose them to stress as a result of daily life practices.


The eyes are constantly exposed to weather factors such as light, heat, and dust, and it is necessary to provide them with the necessary protection, especially from ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun, in addition to their exposure to stress as a result of daily life practices, and with the increase in activities that can harm the eyes, such as exposure to television and computer rays. Their health must be maintained by following a set of procedures and advice.


One of the most important of these tips is a periodic examination of the eyes, from time to time by a specialist doctor, in order to ensure that no shortening or deviation in vision has occurred, in addition to examining the pressure of the eye and the retina, and any changes in sight, and one must also take care not to strain the eyes while reading. This is done by shedding sufficient lighting on the book. The room must also be equipped with appropriate lighting, because reading in the dark causes eye strain. It is recommended to take a break from time to time, especially when studying for a long time during exams.


When dealing with the computer, the top of the screen should not be higher than eye level, and the lighting of the screen should be proportional to the lighting in the room. It is preferable to reduce sitting at the computer during the night hours, and to rely more on daylight, and in the case of using contact lenses, it is preferable to choose Good quality, and keep cleaning them twice a day, with sterilizers designated for this purpose, and if there is any redness, consult a specialist immediately.


Experts advise avoiding smoking, as it may lead to cataracts and increase the risk of macular degeneration, and when accompanied by alcohol consumption, it leads to disorders in the optic nerve. Extreme caution must also be exercised in diabetics, as negligence can lead to damage to the retina, with the possibility of Bleeding in the blood vessels of the retina, leading to its detachment and blindness, so it is recommended to be examined 4 times a month, regardless of age.


Eating foods rich in antioxidants and elements rich in vitamin A are necessary for the health of the retina, and help with color vision and night vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin contribute to the prevention of macular degeneration, in addition to triglyceride acids that prevent recurrent eye infections and improve the symptoms of dryness. Eye.

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