Banana peel: the magic solution for weight loss

Banana peel is known for its aesthetic and health benefits. The inner side of the banana helps treat

Skin burns, it can also whiten teeth and moisturize the skin well. But did you know that it fights obesity?

It is rich in many nutrients that help in losing weight, such as:

Vitamins and antioxidants:

Banana peel contains vitamin A and countless antioxidants, as well as a group of vitamins

“B” that the body needs to maintain a balanced nutritional level and to burn calories.


Banana peel contains a large proportion of fiber, which helps to slow down the digestive process and reduce the feeling of hunger.


Banana peel helps supply the body with a large amount of “probiotics”, which improve digestion and lose weight.

Resistant starch:

It contains resistant starch, which reduces the proportion of stored fat when taken with meals.

It also helps to feel full, because it is not digested and therefore its use in the diet helps to lose weight

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