Banana Mask for Neck Wrinkles


Banana Mask for Neck Wrinkles:

1 Small Banana

1 Teaspoon of Rose Water

Preparation and application:

Peel the skin of the banana and put it in a bowl.

Mash the banana with a fork and mash it.

Add rose water to the banana and mix it.

Apply the mixture to the wrinkled areas of the neck by massaging it with your fingers.

During the application phase, lift your head and stretch the neck.

Wait 30 minutes.

Wash off with plenty of lukewarm water.

Dry with a towel.


Apply this mask, which removes wrinkles on the neck, 2-3 times a week regularly.

People with dry skin first experience flaking and then wrinkles. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the skin constantly moist. The banana mask works great here. The minerals and vitamins in the banana reduce the formation of wrinkles.

In addition to mask application, you should always keep your skin moist. For this, do not forget to apply moisturizer to your neck and body.

Be sure to consume the water you need to consume daily. Because when the body is dehydrated, the regeneration of cells will decrease and wrinkles will appear in the body faster.

Nutrition is also very important for a healthy body. If you have a habit of eating out, take care to eat home-cooked meals as much as possible.

You must consume fruit. You should focus on seasonal fruits.

Harmful rays (UV) from the sun increase the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, if you need to go out on a sunny day, you can apply sunscreen.