Bakewell Tart

Ready. Set. BAKE! I have a classic (or what I have concluded is a classic from watching the GBBO obsessively) British dessert to share with you today – a Bakewell Tart!

*this recipe is sponsored by my friends at Imperial Sugar

how to make a bakewell tart

While there are a few steps to making the tart, they’re not complicated and come together quite easily. A buttery and sweet tart shell is filled with jam, frangipane (almond cream), and then topped with a sugar glaze. The word that came immediately to mind after my first bite was “magnificent.” Guys, it really is. It’s magnificent.


I made mine in a rectangular tart pan, but you can use a round one. Just watch the baking time as it may vary a bit.


The crust comes together in a food processor. Super, duper easy. The crust is a little sweet, and I made it with European butter (ooh la la), so it’s extra rich.


You’ll blind bake this…


…then spread on the jam. Use a good store-bought one here. Raspberry is traditional, but I really like blackberry, too.


Next up is the frangipane layer. It’s an almond cream. It is lovely. I want to marry it.



Isn’t it gorgeous?!?


Once it cools, you’ll add the glaze. Tint a bit of the glaze pink, pipe lines of pink across the white, and drag a toothpick back and forth to marble. So fancy.

I’m sharing the recipe at Imperial Sugar. It’s my new favorite! Pip, pip! Cheerio! 

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