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Bad breath halitosis

Bad breath (halitosis) *


Bad breath (halitosis) is a common problem that anyone, regardless of age, can suffer from.

Statistics indicate that one out of every four people suffers from bad odor coming from their mouth on a regular basis.


Causes of bad breath

There are many reasons that lead to bad breath, but the most prominent reason for this is poor attention to oral health. The accumulation of germs in the mouth leads to breath pollution with an unpleasant odor.

Bacteria break down pieces of food in the mouth, releasing a foul-smelling gas. Thus, any food debris stuck between the teeth will lead to breath pollution.

On the other hand, constant emitting of a bad odor from the mouth may be evidence of a person suffering from gum disease.

Eating foods with strong flavors, such as onions and garlic, or smoking and drinking alcohol, may also lead to the emission of bad odors from the mouth.

A bad odor often emanates from the mouth of a person who has an infection or disease, or as a result of the use of certain types of medications.



Treating and preventing bad breath

Improving oral health is often enough to treat bad breath and prevent it from recurring.

The dentist should provide the person with practical guidance on oral health care, including:

Brush your teeth and gums regularly.

Cleaning the spaces between the teeth with special floss.

Keeping the tongue clean.



When should you see a doctor?

A doctor should be consulted if the oral care measures the person took after visiting the dentist did not work. The problem may be due to a different medical cause (digestive, pulmonary, or other) and should be investigated.

A person should not intentionally hide bad breath before visiting the dentist or general practitioner (such as using a fresh-smelling mouthwash, chewing gum, etc.), as this will make it more difficult to find the cause that led to the occurrence of this problem. .



How do I know if my breath smells bad or not?

It is not easy for a person to know whether a bad odor emanates from his mouth or not. At first, the people around him will notice this, but they may feel embarrassed to tell him.

A simple test can be performed to detect the presence of bad odor from the mouth, by licking the inside of the wrist with the back of the tongue and waiting for a few seconds until the saliva dries. If the wrist smells bad, this often indicates bad breath as well.

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