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Avoid washing your hair during your period - Care Beauty

Avoid washing your hair during your period


It is very important for a woman to take care of herself during her period, in terms of eating, warm clothes, and not carrying heavy things. A Taiwanese doctor who specializes in cancer research, with her research at a Japanese university, warned against washing hair during menstruation and carrying heavy objects. She examined 30,000 patients with cancer and found that these patients are very careful in choosing their food, wash their hair during menstruation, carry heavy objects and drink cold drinks. It led to incomplete exit of the egg from the ovary and the transformation of the remnants of menstruation into toxic substances that imbalance the hormones in the body, leading to cancer in the breast and ovaries.




The doctor summarized the following methods during the research to prevent this disease, including: changing dietary habits, eating vegetables permanently, not washing hair during the menstrual cycle; This is due to the effect of cold that leads to shrinkage of the ovary. Excessive bleeding must be examined by a doctor. Do not drink cold fluids if you feel drowsy, breast enlarged, or constipated, as these are the early symptoms of breast and ovarian cancer, according to what was reported in Al-Hurriya newspaper.




It is worth noting that it is very important for women to pay attention to the type of diet followed; Because the food that you eat on a regular basis guarantees what you will feel before your period. Calcium, for example, works to relieve these symptoms and pains. Eating enough magnesium daily for two months reduces frustration, bloating, stomach cramps, and more. Vitamin B6 is also a nutrient that helps stop swinging emotional states (crying, anxiety, depression, wanting to scream).