At Which Stage Should You Use Skin Care Ampoules?


Do you know at which stage of skin care you should use skin care ampoules, which is the rising trend of recent times?

Skin care ampoules have become a rising skin care trend recently. These tiny bottles contain a potion for our skin concerns. Well, the most confusing “At what stage are skin care ampoules used?” Do you know the answer to the question? Here’s how you can incorporate these concentrated skincare potions into your routine, step by step!

What is the difference between serum and ampoules?

To explain the difference between skin care ampoules and serums, we can say that ampoules are concentrated and disposable serums. The most important feature of the ampoules, which generally focus on a specific skin problem, contain one or two active ingredients, and whose effect is concentrated, is that they are single-use. After opening a bottle of skin care ampoules applied as cure for 7 or 10 days, they should be applied completely and should not leave it exposed too much.

Serums, on the other hand, are skin care products that are formulated for a much longer use, the effect of which is more regular than ampoules. If you want to apply a cure for a certain period of time that is focused on your skin problem, you should choose ampoules. You can also include serums in your skin care routine, but you can use them regularly for much longer.

Why should you use ampoules in skin care?

If you notice major skin problems when you look in the mirror and you want to take immediate action, you can choose ampoules. For example, you can choose skin care ampoules to remove the spots that appear on your skin after the summer, to give intensive care to the fine lines and wrinkles that you think have increased recently, or to apply a care cure if you think your skin has lost its radiance.

You can include skin care ampoules, which will provide you with visible results in 7 or 10, into your skin care routine from time to time. Thus, your skin will receive intensive care during the period when you apply the ampoules. The only thing you should pay attention to is to use these active ingredients and highly concentrated products every day for as long as they are stated on, not for a long time.

At what stage should you use skin care ampoules?

One of the most curious questions is “At what stage of skin care should I use the ampoules?” is coming. There are a few different ways to incorporate skincare ampoules into your skincare routine:

Using instead of serum:

If you use serums regularly, you can substitute skincare ampoules for your serum pitch. It will be suitable as you will use it for about 1 week. Whenever you need a special and intensive care for your skin, you can use the ampoules instead of serum at that time.

To use with serum:

You can use both of these products together to get a more effective result. For example, when your skin is very dry, you can use a moisturizing serum and an anti-aging ampoule together. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you choose one of the two products.

It will be sufficient to wait for 5 minutes after applying the ampoule and distributing it to your skin. After your skin has absorbed the concentrated serum in the ampoule, you can apply moisturizer and sunscreen on it.

Ampoules in daytime skin care

You can use the ampoules both day and night in skin care. Generally, bulbs are also divided into day or night use. This is because the active ingredients in their formulas are used when they are most effective. For example, you can use ampoules containing vitamin C in the morning, and you can use ampoules containing glycolic acid, which has a skin renewal and skin tone equalization effect, at night. When you use ampoules in daytime skin care, be sure to apply a sunscreen containing SPF 50 in the last step.

Ampoules in night skin care

Since the skin renews itself faster at night, it may be better to apply ampoules containing glycolic acid, which has micro-peeling effect, skin renewal, tone equalization and spot removal, at night. Thus, the bulbs can work on your skin throughout the night, allowing you to wake up in the morning with a much more vibrant, bright and refreshed skin. Although you apply the ampoules to your skin at night, you should never miss out on a sunscreen containing SPF 50 during this cycle.

Skin care ampoule recommendation

If you complain about the appearance of fine lines and spots on your skin, if you think your skin has lost its old firmness and bright appearance, you can try the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser 7-Day Cure. Containing 10% glycolic acid, these skin care ampoules help the skin to look brighter, even toned, tight, renewed and smooth when used for 7 days. You can apply the 7 skin care ampoules in the box to your skin in the evening for 7 days. These ampoules create a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin, allowing the skin to be renewed and brightened. You should also remember that after applying the ampoules at night, you should protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun with a sunscreen containing SPF 50 during the day.

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