Apply the right way to the serum and get charming hair


Nourishing the hair and protecting it from tangles and dehydration is one of the necessities of caring for it, especially with the frequent use of different dyes and hair dryers such as blowdryers and irons, so it is necessary to use natural oils or serums to maintain the hair’s luster and softness. With the many different types of serums available in the market, there is a need to know how to use and purchase them.

What is hair serum?

Hair serum is a silicone oil that works to protect hair from the sun, dust, and pollution, in addition to giving the hair the required permanent shine while protecting it from tangles and damage caused by exposure to sunlight and hair dryers. The serum protects the hair from breakage and moisturizes it from the roots, which reduces hair loss caused by weakness and treats damaged and frizzy hair.

How to use hair serum:

Wash your hair well before using the serum with shampoo and lukewarm water.

Do not use large amounts of hair serum, just apply 3 to 5 drops according to the length of your hair, so that it does not have an unpleasant greasy feel.

Do not wash your hair again immediately after applying the serum, wait at least 24 hours.

You can use the serum directly on dry, brittle hair to control frizz and dryness, and you can also use it before using a blow-dry or iron to protect your hair from the dangers of high heat.