Apples protect the lungs

Apples protect the lungs



A group of British researchers found that eating one apple a day helps improve lung function This came in a report published by Thorax magazine about a study conducted by a team of doctors at St. George’s Hospital in London on the relationship between diet and how the lungs work, in more than two thousand five hundred men between the ages of forty-five and forty-nine.


In their study, the researchers relied on measuring the force of exhalation using a special method, where they concluded that the lungs performing their full function is linked to the body receiving high amounts of vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, orange and apple extracts, and fruit juice.


After taking into account a range of factors such as body size, smoking and physical exercise, the team concluded that the only food that had significant effects was apples.


They noticed that eating five or more apples during the week leads to a relatively better performance in lung function, as it was found that the energy of those who eat this fruit is one hundred and thirty-eight milliliters greater than that of others.


Although it has not been proven that eating apples prevents the natural decline in lung capacity with age, eating a greater amount of this substance would reduce the severity of this affliction, and scientists find evidence of this in the fact that apples reduce the speed of deterioration caused by factors. Others, such as pollution


This fruit contains a high amount of an anti-toxic substance called quercetin, which can contribute significantly to protecting the lungs from harmful symptoms resulting from air pollution and cigarette smoking.


Dr. Mike Pearson, a former press officer for the British Thoracic Society, described this theory as plausible, adding that several studies support the view that vitamins C and E help fight asthma, and that apples may contain anti-toxic agents that have the same effects.


Dr. Bernsen goes on to say: People whose blood contains high amounts of anti-toxins are more qualified than others to confront any infection if it occurs.


Dr. Mark Britton, Chairman of the British Lung Research Foundation, says that the new research provides more important evidence of the relationship between healthy diets and healthy lungs.


He adds, saying: This study highlights a new way through which people can protect their lungs, as well as it helps facilitate breathing for people with lung diseases.

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