Anxiety, stress and eating hot spices make you indigestion





Indigestion is one of the problems that cause multiple disorders in the stomach, which results in some pains, which harm the person who suffers from it. Good, with drinking water while eating, so it is preferable to drink water before or after food so that water does not affect the stomach and cause indigestion, and a person’s bladder may be filled due to his frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, and those that contain nicotine, as these drinks may harm the stomach One of the dangers that the stomach is exposed to and causes indigestion, as Dr. Moanis Anani, a consultant gastroenterologist, explains is that soft drinks cause great damage to the digestive system, as they confuse the stomach and delay its ability to digest.


What many people do not realize is that anxiety and tension are factors that cause indigestion, so try to keep calm, as much as possible so that your stomach is not affected by that matter, while reducing the intake of hot spices, because they affect the efficiency of your stomach, in addition to the presence of diseases such as gastritis and duodenal ulcers, all of which are factors. It causes stomach problems, so the best way to diagnose indigestion is to perform a gastroscopy to ensure that it is free of any stomach disorders

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