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Anxiety in children as well.

If the father or mother suffers from anxiety, it is possible for this to be passed on to their children. Also, one or both parents constantly threatening their child whenever he does undesirable behavior can cause anxiety in children. If the child is exposed to cruelty, violence, fear, or some danger, it also exposes him to anxiety, just like the child’s constant failure to do some things. This means that psychological problems also occur in children, especially anxiety. Therefore, it is very necessary for parents to make their child feel how much they love him, and closely follow his behavior and actions, so that he feels confident in himself. We should not resort to cruelty, violence, or even mockery of his actions, but rather direct him towards the best. Among the most prominent symptoms of psychological anxiety in children, we mention:


– Refusal to eat (it may be an unconscious defensive ploy to gain attention or to express his aversion to some surrounding circumstances, such as the presence of a new baby, for example, or the parents’ divorce…).

Forcing him to eat food increases his rejection of it.

– Lack of appetite.

– Weight loss.

– Recurrence of colds and influenza.

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