Anti-cellulite diet


In a woman, the anti-cellulite diet changes based on her weight. If he is not overweight it consists only of a slight change in his eating habits: a drastic and reductive diet would highlight skin hypotonia and the infamous orange peel. On the other hand, if cellulite is combined with overweight, the diet must be low-calorie as well as qualitative.

To defeat cellulite it is important to learn how to eat properly.

Reduce the consumption of salt, both cooking and occult salt contained in food, responsible for water retention.

Reduce animal fats, opting for extra virgin olive oil preferably raw and not in large quantities.

Avoid simple sugars and sweets in general, do not abuse alcohol consumption.

Prefer steaming, grilling, or boiling, increase the consumption of important vegetables, thanks to their fiber content, for proper intestinal function.

Consume at least one liter of water a day to favor the elimination of toxins and choose foods rich in potassium (all legumes, vegetables, and fruit in general, potatoes, trout, sardines, red snapper, lean pork, and veal ) stimulate diuresis and help eliminate excess fluids. Increase foods rich in bioflavonoids.

These vitamins of the P group have a capillary-protective and anti-edematous action especially in the lower limbs (fruit and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, grapes, blueberries, apricots, plums, cherries, blackberries, melon, papaya, buckwheat, broccoli, etc.).

To defeat cellulite it is not enough just to follow an appropriate diet, but it is necessary to combine targeted physical activity and specific localized treatments.

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