An unhealthy diet harms immunity

An unhealthy diet harms immunity


An unhealthy diet develops its negative impact on the functioning of the body’s immune system




A Dutch medical study showed that the negative health effects of unhelpful types and diets that often contain high percentages of fats, sugars, and salts may develop over the long term depending on the continuity of their consumption, reaching their intersection as a basis in the formation of the elements of the human genetic makeup.


The study conducted at the Leiden University Research Center in the Netherlands showed that these high levels of harmful fats, sugars, and salts generally interact gradually in the body until, after a long time, they become an essential pillar in the DNA formation system, with very harmful negative consequences.


It was stated in the details that this matter consequently results in radical pathological transformations that may not be useful to the mechanisms, methods, and types of medical treatment currently available through existing drugs and medicines to solve such problems and help people overcome them.


To prove its conclusions, this study relied on experiments conducted on laboratory rats, in which there was no benefit in any treatment for the majority of the health problems that appeared on these rats after they were accustomed to an unhealthy diet saturated with fats, sugars, and salts for a relatively long period of time.


After investigating the reasons, the researchers supervising this study discovered that these negative effects caused major interference in the general immune system, transforming its basic functioning system in general.


At the conclusion of its report, the study advised that these results emphasized that the importance of the type of diet and the feasibility of its health benefits is very necessary to avoid diseases during the stages of life in general, in addition to committing to complete care to stay away from these causes that turn from secondary to major as they age.

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