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An easy way to prevent the appearance of pimples after removing hair from the skin

Many women suffer from the problem of the appearance of small pimples on the skin, after removing hair from it, and these pimples abound in some places, including the face, chest and back, but do not worry, we in the  Women Magazine, we have found for you the easiest and optimal solution to get rid of this annoying problem. The method is very easy and proven, and its ingredients are available in every home:


the components:


A small cup of rose water.


_ A tablespoon of starch.







After removing the hair from the places where the pimples appear, be careful to wash them with water, leave your skin until it shivers and prepare the mixture by adding the ingredients together, then apply the area from which you removed the hair and that suffers from sensitivity, and leave it until it dries on your skin,


While it dries, wash your face with cold water and notice the difference on the second day when the grains do not appear.

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