An apple a day keeps the doctor away… fact or lie?

You must have heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but how true is it?


Although this saying is common, it is not true, so you should not rely on eating apples and neglect to consult a doctor.


Although apples contain fiber and vitamins, and their fiber is good for gut health and may help you control your weight, it can’t necessarily keep your doctor away.


An apple a day may help warn the doctor if you give up an unhealthy food you used to eat, for example if you eat an apple instead of a large piece of cheesecake or a glass of soda.


However, if you eat 10 apples a day, you should see a doctor periodically to ensure your health status, and conduct blood pressure, diabetes, lipid and other checks according to your age and health status.


Therefore, all of the apples you like, but that will not prevent you from visiting the doctor.

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