American study: Optimism strengthens the heart and blood vessels

A new study revealed new and exciting results about optimism, linking optimism to heart health and many other health benefits.

To confirm the results of the study, the researchers analyzed data from more than 5,100 adults, and the researchers found that the most optimistic people have ideal cardiovascular health compared to their more pessimistic counterparts.

Lead author Rosalba Hernandez said optimists had better cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and body mass than their adult counterparts and got more physical activity.


Hernandez pointed out that this study serves as an incentive to try to be optimistic, despite the difficulties that we often encounter in the era in which we live, and in the world in which we live, as sad news is essential at all times.

Another study, recently published on the Newsmax Health website, confirmed that people who feel younger than their age will live longer.

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