Amazing health benefits of soda water


Carbonated water tightens wrinkles, removes dead skin and purifies pores. Apart from deep cleaning the skin and removing dirt and dust stuck on the surface of the skin, the gas bubbles help speed up the delivery of oxygen within the skin cells to calm skin infections and get rid of its swelling.


How do you use carbonated water to wash your face?Ingredients needed


A cup of carbonated water

A cup of filtered water

A piece of cotton cloth


Preparation steps


1- In a large bowl, mix the carbonated water with the filtered water.

2- Soak a piece of cheesecloth inside the bowl, then use it to cover the entire face.

3- Place the cloth on the face for 30 seconds, then repeat it about 5-6 times.


The most important benefits of carbonated water for the freshness of the skin:


1- pore purification


Using carbonated water to wash the face skin on a regular basis not only gives you fresh skin, but also helps in  deep cleaning the pores . The air bubbles help remove the accumulated sebum secretions, which lead to clogged pores and the appearance of blackheads. It also works to get rid of dust and impurities stuck on the surface of the skin to leave your skin clearer.


2- Tighten the sagging of the face


The use of carbonated water on the skin helps to tighten the wrinkles by stimulating the production of  collagen fibers  responsible for the elasticity of the skin. It also gives you quick results that you can notice within a few weeks to restore the youth and vitality of your skin again.


3- Controlling excess sebum secretions


If you have oily skin, this trick is the perfect solution to your problem. The carbon dioxide bubbles in carbonated water remove excess oils on the skin, and also help control the work of the sebaceous glands to reduce these secretions.




4- It is safe for the skin


Even for those with dry or sensitive skin, you can use soda water to wash the face. It helps calm skin infections and reduce redness to make you feel completely comfortable. However, it is not recommended to use it directly on the face without dilution, but dilute it with filtered water to get



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