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All you need to know about transplantation of organs in the body

A single donor will save many people. This is what some doctors said about the idea of ​​transplanting organs from the recently deceased, especially after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives to establish an Egyptian center for organ transplantation, in the transplantation of the heart, kidney, liver, lung and pancreas. Here, “The Seventh Day” presents everything you need to know about donation. members, according to clevelandclinic

Q: What is organ donation and transplantation?

Organ donation and transplantation is the removal of an organ from a person (the donor) and surgically placing it in another person (the recipient) who suffers from health problems in one of the organs. The donor is often from a relative of the patient, or the donation may be from a recent deceased.

Q: What organs and tissues can be transplanted?

Organs and tissues that can be transplanted include:




the heart .




middle ear.



Bone Marrow .

heart valves.

Connective tissue.

Q: What after transplantation

You will likely stay in the intensive care unit for a few days. Doctors and nursing staff will monitor your condition for signs of complications. In the event of a liver donation, your doctor will test your liver function frequently for signs that your new liver is working.

Have frequent exams As you continue to recover at home, your transplant team will set a check-up schedule for you. You may have blood tests several times each week at first, and then have fewer tests over time.

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