All you need to know about swollen gums, symptoms and causes

Swelling of the gums is one of the problems that many people are exposed to, and it increases the chances of developing many annoying problems, most notably severe pain in the teeth and gums. During this report, we will learn about everything related to swollen gums, including symptoms, causes and methods of treatment, according to WEBMED.






What are the causes of swollen gums?


Infection with gingivitis and the cause is poor dental hygiene.


– During pregnancy, many women experience swollen gums, and the reason is that they are exposed to many hormonal disorders.


Malnutrition is one of the negative things that significantly affects oral health, as a person is exposed to a deficiency in some vitamins that increases his exposure to swollen gums. How is swollen gums treated?


If the symptoms persist for more than two weeks, you should go to the doctor, because this means that the person needs treatment to take antibiotics to combat the infection in addition to mouthwash that helps treat gingivitis, and it is also recommended to brush the teeth with brush and paste, and rinse the mouth with saline solutions to eliminate bacteria and fungi, in addition to To drink large amounts of water, and to quit smoking.




What are the ways to prevent swollen gums?


Brushing and flossing daily.




Use a fluoride-rich toothpaste.


– Visiting the dentist every 6 months, for early detection of oral diseases with the necessary examinations and cleaning the mouth of plaque and calcareous deposits.

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