All you need to know about laser teeth whitening

doctor starts cleaning them, and treats caries and tooth decay to ensure that the whitening gel does not enter the cavities, and if the patient suffers from tooth sensitivity, the doctor prescribes a non-inflammatory anti-inflammatory steroid before the first application session.

Laser whitening is not a long process, but it is a delicate process, and it requires following several steps; At first, the color and shade of the existing teeth are determined using a shadow indicator, then the doctor takes a picture of the teeth for comparison before and after the laser, then the lips are covered with a protective lotion with a laser protection factor; It contains moisturizers, after that, a tool is placed in the mouth to keep it open, then cotton rolls are placed under the lips, and a protective layer is placed on the gums to protect the mouth and gums from whitening gel. 

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Next, a whitening gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide and thickening agents is applied to the front of the teeth to maintain the solution on their surface. Then, laser light is applied to the teeth to release oxygen ions from the whitening gel. Gently removes stains from teeth. When all the teeth are whitened with laser, the dentist keeps the compound for a few minutes, then wipes off the whitening compound with a small suction tool, and repeats the process three times. After completion, the teeth are carefully washed and the protective layer of the gums removed.

Steps after laser teeth whitening

This process is repeated over 3 sessions; The duration of each is 15 minutes, and it is recommended that the patient sit in his place without movement during the application of the laser, and avoid some foods and drinks for a few days after the treatment, because the pores of the enamel are more likely to absorb stains; Like lipstick and coffee, sensitive to cold food; Such as ice cream and cold drinks, and if the patient feels sensitive teeth after the laser whitening process for several days, he can take medication that relieves sensitivity, and the doctor should be consulted if the gums become white and painful, and it is recommended to use a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate to avoid the problem of sensitivity after whitening.

Benefits of laser teeth whitening

  • Speed ​​in obtaining the result, as whitening can be performed within 3 sessions; The session lasts about 15 minutes, and may be as long as an hour, and some people need only one hour session to get teeth about 8 degrees lighter.
  • Laser teeth whitening does not cause any pain or discomfort, so there is no need to take a dreaded anesthetic injection.
  • The procedure is performed under the supervision of a dentist who can help relieve or treat any sensitivity.
  • The best advantage of laser teeth whitening is the results you achieve immediately after the treatment, as the teeth become 6-8 shades lighter than the original color, and the result can be seen immediately after the treatment is completed.
  • Another advantage of the laser is that, depending on the type of laser used, it can be used more easily to whiten only one tooth. This is useful when one of the teeth changes color more than the surrounding teeth.

Disadvantages of laser teeth whitening

  • One of the biggest problems that those wishing to have laser teeth whitening face is the high cost.
  • spacing treatment sessions; Where the interval between the two sessions should be one to two weeks.
  • Teeth sensitivity increases for some after applying laser bleaching.
  • This mechanism may damage the dental pulp.
  • The laser teeth whitening process is not permanent, and the pigmentation may return to the teeth due to smoking cigarettes, or due to drinks; Like coffee or tea.
  • The person needs follow-up whitening sessions, because the effectiveness of laser whitening lasts for about 6 months to a year only.
  • If the color of the teeth returns to what it was before, the re-whitening process will be very expensive

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