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The pores on the skin are extremely important for your skin to breathe, shine healthily and stay young. However, these pores can become unhealthy due to aging, living conditions and external factors; It may become clogged or enlarge to become an unpleasant appearance. You can use various skin care products and try some tricks to tighten or clean the pores . What is a Pore? Why It Occurs and How Does It Get Tightened? Click if you’re curious! Continue reading our content to get detailed information about pore-tightening skin care.


What is a Pore?


There are many hairs on our skin that we can see or not see with our eyes. At the bottom of the hair or hair follicles, there are slots that allow the skin to breathe. These slots are defined as pores on the skin. A healthy porous skin looks lively, bright and young without the need for support. However, if the pores are clogged and filled with dirt, oil or sweat, some skin problems occur. When the pores on the face are clogged, they tend to enlarge and become outwardly prominent. When you look in the mirror, the appearance of pores can bother you. To get rid of this situation, pore cleansingYou should pay attention to the issue and use firming products. When the pores are not cleaned well, it can turn into blackheads or acne. There are various ways to get rid of this skin problem, which is usually seen in oily skin.


How Are Pores Closed?




For tight and healthy pores, you should follow simple steps and take care of your skin care. Pore ​​minimizing suggestions can be listed as follows:


Cleanse Your Skin Very Well


In fact, poor hygiene underlies many skin problems. When you clean your skin with superficial or unsuitable products and apply make-up on dirty skin, you invite problems. To prevent this, you should make sure that you clean your skin completely after every make-up, every morning and every night. You can wash your skin gently, with clean and plenty of water. Dove Cream Bar Micellar can be the ideal product to support you in pore cleansing . This product, which stands out with its features such as being different from ordinary soap types, 1/4 moisturizing cream, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic formula, not only cleans your skin, but also gives your skin a soft and smooth texture.




Protect Your Skin for 4 Seasons


You may be using sunscreen to protect yourself from the negative effects of the sun in the summer, but this does not mean that your skin is not affected by environmental factors in winter. In cold and harsh weather, you should continue to protect your skin from the sun and provide moisturizing support. Your skin should not be exposed to too hot or too cold for a long time. These extreme temperature changes can have negative consequences for the pores. Similarly, taking very hot showers is also harmful for skin health.


Use Pore Tightening Masks


With regular skin care, you can shrink pores. Natural mask mixtures that you can prepare at home with your own materials will support you in this regard. So, what materials can you use for a  pore-tightening mask?




Egg white is effective in tightening the skin.Lemon juice is recommended for oily skin.You can use banana and oatmeal for peeling effect.Clay masks also help to clean pores by removing dead skin cells, oil and dirt.Suitable for all skin types, cocoa also finds its place in firming mask recipes.




For details, you can check out our Pore Tightening 3 Homemade Mask topic!


Tonic for Oily and Acne Prone Skin


If the oil production of the skin is intense, it is necessary to pay extra attention to its cleaning. For this reason, if you have an oily skin type, you can use a pore-tightening tonic . Thanks to the cleansing agents and astringent it contains, these tonics clean your pores deeply and prevent them from clogging again in regular use. The pore tightening serum provides tightening and smoothing of the skin.


Methods to Unclogged Pores


There are other methods of tightening large and small pores on the skin and opening clogged pores. Especially those with oily skin should pay attention to pore-tightening care. Otherwise, acne and pimples may occur due to clogged pores. Methods to Open Clogged Pores can be listed as follows:




A healthy diet and quality sleep are indispensable rules for our skin health. In order not to have problems with pore reduction and tightening, it is necessary to stay away from fried and excessively oily meals. It is also very decisive to create a qualified and adequate sleep environment.You should carefully choose not only the skin care products you use, but also your make-up products and even auxiliary brushes, and clean them regularly. In particular, the neglect of brush cleaning will lead to the formation of bacteria, and it is directly related to pore contamination.Regularly exfoliating the face opens clogged pores. In order to achieve a tighter, vigorous and youthful skin, you should exfoliate with products suitable for your needs.


You can clean the pores on your nose by using pore and blackhead cleaner tapes at regular intervals. However, after this application, you must clean your skin and use pore-tightening care products.Another rule that all skin types should not neglect is the use of moisturizer. You should meet your skin’s moisture needs regularly. Otherwise, the balance of oil production may be disrupted, which causes the pores to fill much faster.




It is necessary to take good care of the skin pores that we all naturally have. You can use special products for tightening pores in your care routine and you can have a much healthier, fresher, younger and brighter skin by making minor changes in your life habits.



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