Advice from experts..Avoid washing hair before bed

Washing hair before bed is a practical step that many women and men take without realizing its risks, as hair care experts stress that sleeping with wet hair is harmful to the health and vitality of the hair. Here are the reasons why this step is dangerous and ways to avoid it.
Experts consider wet hair to be weak hair, as its lobes are open, which exposes them to various external aggressions that we face during our daily lives, and the friction of hair during sleep with a pillowcase or bedding causes it to become tangled and difficult to untie the next morning, which leads to its breakage.
Solutions to mitigate this problem:
If it is difficult for some to avoid washing their hair before bed, some steps can be taken to mitigate the side effects of this step:
• The use of an electric dryer to get rid of hair moisture, provided that the aggressiveness of this step is reduced by adopting cold or moderately hot air and avoiding hot air that causes great damage to the hair.
• Putting the hair in the form of a braid. The adoption of this hairstyle prevents the hair from getting tangled when it comes into contact with a pillowcase or bedding. But it is necessary to ensure that these braids are not too tight to protect the hair from any pressures it is exposed to in this area.
• Sleeping on a silk pillowcase, as silk fibers are softer on the hair than cotton fibers, and this ensures great protection for the hair and prepares it for a healthy and lively appearance the next morning.
Useful practical tips:
Some steps that are adopted during hair washing are necessary for its vitality:
• To control hair wrinkles and enhance its softness, it is recommended to adopt a pre-washing treatment, which is characterized by the use of an oil-based preparation that is left on the hair for about 30 minutes before washing it, to provide it with nourishment and shine responsibly for its healthy appearance.
• Using conditioner before shampooing to moisturize the hair in depth and enhance its density. This step also helps protect it from tangles when washing it with shampoo. Do not hesitate to use it, especially in the case of hair that has lost its vitality.
• Gently comb the hair when it is wet to avoid damage and split ends or breakage, provided that a wide-toothed comb is used to complete this task.
• Clean the scalp before tufts of hair by applying shampoo mixed with water on the scalp and massaging it well before moving on to rubbing the hair with shampoo.
Applying the conditioner to the hair strands and keeping it as far as possible from the scalp, suffocates it and causes an increase in its sebum secretions.
• Make sure to completely remove the shampoo and conditioner from the hair when rinsing it to avoid weighing it down or the appearance of dandruff on the scalp.
• Avoid washing hair with very hot water, as it increases its dryness, and replace it with warm water, which allows maintaining healthy and shiny hair.
• Refrain from rubbing the towel vigorously on the hair when drying it to avoid tangles and breakage. The best thing is to wrap the hair with a towel and press it gently to absorb the hair’s moisture.
• Avoid excessive washing of the hair, as the frequent use of shampoo eliminates the natural oils secreted by the scalp to protect itself from drying out.

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